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Are You a Lawyer Looking to Increase Your  Law Firm's Business? We can Design a New Responsive Design Law Firm Website or SEO Optimize Your Current Website. Whether you are a New Attorney Just Starting Out Or An Established Law Firm, We Can Help You design and Promote Your Legal Services.  For A Free Review of Your Current Website and/or Law Firm Social Media Web Presence, Please Contact Us  Today To Request a Free Quote.

Our Law Firm Website Design and SEO experts also specialize in designing, developing, and marketing lawyer websites and lawyer social media sites that are very effective in attracting potential clients.  Our on-line lawyer web services are comprehensive and are done in-house by our dedicated experienced team of former law firm employees, which ensures top quality projects are completed in a timely manner.  We are available to help market your law practice and we can even help you design, develop, implement, and market a new law firm brand and logo.

Our on-line attorney advertising services also provided for off-line media design and advertising. This allows you to take your law firm’s brand from website and social media platforms and extend them to your firm’s off-line presence.  This includes all off-line advertising that a law office utilizes from law office stationary, cups, pens, posters, billboards, brochures, car and truck signs,  and virtually anything else that could be printed on.  This ensures that your firm’s brand is consistent throughout the marketing process.

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Our Expert Law Firm Website Design, Implementation, and Marketing team only utilizes Response Design Practices To Ensue That Your Firm's Website Will Be Available on All Devices. If Your Website Is Not Responsive, You Are Losing Potential Clients. Make Your Website Responsive. Don't Lose Potential Clients. Call For a Free Review and Quote Today.

  • Click for Parallax Type Website

    Click for Parallax Type Website
    Parallax Type Response Design Website.

  • ny-lawyer-directory

    This can be used to map anything, for example instead of Law Firms, you can put gas stations, medical offices, and anything else

  • Bankruptcy Lawyer Website

    Bankruptcy Lawyer Website
    This is a great website to start out with and modify for your services. It is affordable and effective.

We Offer a Comprehensive Set of Lawyer Website Design, Implementation, and Marketing Options.  Please Contact Us Today for Your Attorney Website Review and Free Quote

Law Firm Website DesignLaw Firm Website Design

Our artistic and technical team works with you to create a law firm website with an attractive user friendly interface, that is search engine optimized, and also reflects your law firm’s brands, and services. Whether you are a sole-practitioner or a large firm with hundreds of lawyers, we will help you achieve your law firm website design goals.

Lawyer Website Content Production and Content MarketingLawyer Content Production

Having original web content on your law firm’s website is absolutely essential and still one of the most effective ways in obtaining first page search engine rankings. Routinely updating your law firm’s websites content with relevant, informative, engaging, and otherwise desirable law related content, to your target audience, increases traffic and increases your brand loyalty.

Lawyer Firm Website Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) Law Firm Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A properly SEO optimized law firm website is absolutely essential in obtaining a first page search engine listing and remaining there. There are many elements involved with SEO from your law firm web design encouraging user engagement, original law related content, fast page loading times, and multiple other criteria. We can produce a law firm website design that achieves these goals.  

Law Firm Pay per Click (PPC)Lawyer Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Our law firm PPC advertising is the surest and quickest way to get listed on search engine front pages fast. Lawyer PPC involves paying for law related keywords or phrases related to what your potential clients would search for, for example, medical malpractice, accident lawyer, probate lawyer, real estate lawyer, and literally hundreds of more such keywords.

Law Firm Website Design For Mobile Devices Law Firm Mobile Design & Marketing

Attorneys need to be able to be found on mobile devices.  This is especially true because of the ever increasing number of people searching for lawyers on mobile devices. If your law firm is not viewable on mobile devices, you are wasting your chance to get them as new clients, and you are wasting money if they clicked on PPC to get there, only to leave immediately.

Lawyer Website Analytics Law Firm Website Analytics

We Monitor your law firm’s web presence and how potential clients get to your site through the various avenues. These  include search engines, social media, email, newsletters and more. On site analytics also monitors visitor engagement with your website content, which informs how you can modify your law firm website design and content to achieve your marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing SMMLawyer Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others, provide other avenues for lawyers to attract potential clients. However, it is often the case that law firm social media is not being done correctly. This is a problem because it could distract potential clients by providing an avenue, for other lawyers who “friend” or “follow” you, to offer an opportunity for potential clients to look at them for legal services, instead of your firm.

Law Firm Brand Development, Identity, & Reputation Lawyer Branding, Identity, & Reputation

Attorney Branding, Identity, and Reputation, are crucial in being recognized and trusted by potential clients to make them more receptive to your advertisements and call-to-action requests, for example, “Call Now”.  If you have negative client ratings, it could hurt your business.  New more favorable true content can be added to bury the negative ones.

Law Firm Website Video Production and Video Marketing Lawyer Video Production & Video Marketing

Most potential law firm clients do not actually read all of your written content, but they certainly will watch informative subject related properly produced and optimized lawyer videos. Attorney videos which are search engine and social media optimized, increase view engagement and double the chance that they will hire your law firm to represent them.

Lawyer Email and Newsletter MarketingAttorney E-mail Marketing & Newsletters

When done properly law firm emails and newsletters are still very effective methods of marketing and advertising to clients. While keeping your current clients up-to-date on your services and other information such as large monetary or favorable verdicts that your law firm achieved, these newsletters and emails are often forwarded from your clients to potential clients, especially if they contain video.


We Develop Websites & Marketing
Plans For All Types Of Laywers

  • Accident Lawyers
  • Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Credit and Collections Lawyers
  • Elder Law Attorneys
  • Employment Lawyers
  • Estates, Wills, Trusts, & Probate Lawyers
  • Finance Lawyer
  • General Business Matters Lawyer
  • Immigration Lawyers
  • Landlord-Tenant Law Firms
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyers
  • Nursing Home Abuse Law Firms
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Social Security Disability lawyers
  • Taxation Lawyers
  • Lawyer Conditional Email Marketing